We thank God for the work He accomplished through Fellowship Bible Church of Siloam Springs!


From a bible study and a prayer meeting, to a house church, then a store front, Fellowship Bible Church was a part of the Body of Christ in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, for more than twenty-five years. We last met in an historic church building in downtown Siloam Springs, just a block south of Main Street on East Twin Springs. This building is being transferred to Redeemer Presbyterian Church, a growing body of evangelical believers. We are happy for that, for we know that God is working in and through them. But you might wonder, how did this come about?


Several years ago, our pastor, Kevin Rees, sensed God's call to serve in Uganda. Since one of FBC's emphases was missions, how could we say no? But the men who replaced Kevin as our pastoral team were also called away, one to New England, another to Texas. Over time, others of the elders were likewise called. We had once served by discipling young adults and releasing them for ministry; now it was our leaders who were being moved.


As we sought the Lord for our future, we sought new leaders. We attempted some steps to grow by. Although these steps did not bear the fruit we'd hoped for, they brought us back to prayer.


It became clear over time that a choice needed to be made. We prayed about it, talked about it and wrestled with it. Then, about the time that another elder was called overseas, a separate conversation led to Redeemer church making an offer on our building. We believe these two events together were God's way of showing that we had fulfilled the purpose for our existence, that now we should use the assets He had entrusted to us to profit the kingdom, and then send ourselves out to other churches to strengthen them through our service.


We held our last service together on September 10th. It was a time of praise and thanksgiving for God's work in our midst, of appreciation of times together, of celebrating those things God had done through us. Perhaps more importantly, it was also, in T.J.'s words, a commisioning service. It wasn't that FBC was dying, it was more like the heart of FBC was being transplanted, as we are sent out to bless and serve others. And so we are on the move.


Some may continue to meet from time to time for prayer, for study and for fellowship. Others will quickly find a new church home. We all want to move onward as God leads us. But wherever the Lord happens to send us, here in Siloam Springs or across the ocean, we remain His children, called to believe, to praise and to serve. May He plant us where He wants us, and give us the grace to serve Him and others to the praise of His glory through Jesus Christ our Lord.



© Fellowship Bible Church of Siloam Springs, 2017