Who We Are

We are a local, independent fellowship of evangelical believers who are here to know God deeply, to love Him and those around us fully, and to serve Him and those around us whole-heartedly.


We are an elder-led fellowship which doesn't count membership, but which values commitment to Jesus which sets us free to love and serve one another.  


We are committed to the authority of scripture. 

- We believe that the original writings of scripture are without error and accurate as originally given by God. It is the prime authority for our lives and doctrine.

- We do recognize that we don’t all understand Scripture the same way, and encourage people to understand those differences. At the same time we are firmly committed to the essentials of the faith.


We are committed to growing together in grace and truth.

- We encourage involvement in each other’s lives. We share what we have learned and experienced with young and old through mutual mentoring.

- We encourage acceptance of different life experiences and church backgrounds. We are grace-oriented and desire to be Christ-like.

- We value multi-generational interaction in the body with all ages freely participating in services and interacting in discussions. We accept that spiritual gifts have no ages attached to them.

- We encourage believers in their ministries inside and outside of FBC. We encourage individuals as God lays passions and burdens on their hearts, to bring ideas/proposals before the Elders for discussion, blessing and support.

- We encourage and strengthen families.


We are non-traditional in programming and informal in atmosphere.

- Variety in both presentation media and music style is welcome.

- A variety of dress is accepted: Tee shirts and jeans can be found along side suits and ties on a Sunday morning.


We value differences of background and culture.

- We value people from our own community as well as from communities across the country and around the world.

- We value those who have experience in other cultures around the world, and are very supportive of missions, both long and short term.



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